Chattkazz Restaurant
Shop 4-6, 14-20 Station Street East Harris Park 2150


Taste Tours
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From spices to saris, Burfi to Bollywood, naan bread to chutneys, this adventure will engulf your senses.

Aromatic spices abound on this dynamic Indian adventure through the energetic village of Harris Park. You will be greeted by tingling flavours, bright colours and rhythmic music. Commence your tour with an Indian breakfast before you are treated to an amazing feast of Indian treats from across the sub-continent.

From spices to saris, from Burfi to Bollywood, and from naan bread to chutneys, this menu will engulf all your senses.  You’ll be introduced to a whole new India by our very own Indian tour guide.

This is far from your typical food tour! If you like exploring new cultures and communities and building relationships through food, then this is the experience for you.

Our local guides will share their secrets on the best places to eat, and you’ll experience new cuisine and shop for the most authentic dishes and ingredients. You’ll be introduced to diverse family-run food businesses and the amazing people running them. You can gain fascinating insight into different cultures and communities while helping to foster community pride!

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