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The seven-piece Indigenous RnB band hailing from the Northern Territory’s Tiwi Islands, B2M (Bathurst to Melville), is heading to Riverside Theatres with new show, Mamanta. 

B2M Mamanta blends contemporary and traditional sound with stunning on-stage visuals to provide audiences with a rare insight into Tiwi culture and identity. 

In an historic show of support from the Tiwi Elders, B2M have gained permission to use traditional Tiwi chants and blend them with modern musical elements and vivid multi-media imagery of contemporary arts and cultural practices. From ancient stories to life today, Mamanta honours the past and celebrates the future of the Tiwi Islands. 

Formed in 2004, B2M are proud Tiwi men who write, record and perform music that transcends cultural, social and geographic boundaries. Their music is unique and infectious, filled with beats, chants and harmonies that showcase their ability to carry a positive image of their people and culture through RnB and their unique Tiwi style. 

B2M is: Shelton Murray, Greg Orsto, Fabian Kantilla, Daniel Cunningham, Damien Narul, Darren Narul and Jeffrey ‘Yello’ Simon. Mamanta is produced by Artback NT and Skinnyfish Music.