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Fiji Day Sydney
(02) 9158 3257

Fiji Day Sydney is a vibrant day of celebration and memorable moments of diverse cultural exchange. It is a space where Fijian and Pacific culture is expressed and experienced. It is also a day where community networks are made and information is shared across Australian and Fijian government, businesses, community and creative sectors. It is an opportunity to promote Fijian experiences and products and also to promote to the Fijian diaspora. 


The 2018 Fiji Day Sydney Festival is now managed by Kokonutvibe and Tapastry Tunes in partnership with several organisations incorporating the following areas:

  • Creative Cultural Arts Expo: Community collectives and artisans making and selling their work
  • Pacific Cuisine and coconut food fair: Selling and demonstrating the unique tastes of Fiji and the Pacific
  • Fiji Business Expo: Fiji brands seeking to enter and grow their business in the Australian market
  • Fashion showcase: Featuring unique designs Pacific designers from Australia, Fiji and the Pacific
  • Government and Information services: Providing access and engagement opportunities
  • Bula Kids space: Featuring fun activities for children and young people.

The event will also feature live performances, including cultural groups, urban acts and celebrities taking you on a journey through Fiji, the Pacific and back to Gadigal land. An exclusive

Official Fiji Day Afterparty event is also planned to complement the day event.