Hambledon Cottage Museum
Corner of Hassall St and Gregory Place Parramatta


Parramatta & District Historical Society
02 9635 6924

The pungent aroma of cloves is in the air. Step back in time to 1800s and this is your kitchen. 

There is excitement in Parramatta. News of a ship has arrived in Sydney town from the spice islands. Your convict servant has been sent to buy spices from the captain. Trade on the wharf is a busy affair. Every cook needs the clove, cinnamon, rosemary, turmeric, and cardamom for meals to satisfy their masters.

Thought-provoking stories from your guide give a unique view of early Parramatta.

You are welcome to investigate what is in Hambledon Cottage Kitchen!

Lucas Gallery – Female Factory Exhibition included in cottage guided tour.