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Direct from the vibrant streets of Western Sydney, Jump First, Ask Later is a multi-award-winning, choreographic thrill-ride that will bring the danger and creativity of parkour from the streets and on to the Riverside Theatres stage. 

Featuring six founding members of the Dauntless Movement Crew and originally directed by acclaimed choreographer Byron Perry, this high-octane show draws on the real-life experiences of these six young champions of Fairfield’s underground parkour and street-style community to create a heartfelt, high-energy slice of life from Western Sydney youth of today.  

Jump Frist, Ask Later merges urban freestyle forms with contemporary dance to create a physical narrative that explores the poetics of violence, migration, redemption and ultimately the collective freedom these artists discovered by mapping their city through dance. 

Jump First, Ask Later teams profound personal stories with extraordinary, heart-stopping tricks, flips and moves to create a thrilling, modern and inspiring all-ages performance experience that is truly one of a kind.  

Dates & Times:

DMC ‘Move It’ General Public & Schools Workshop
Wednesday 22 May at 5:30pm

General Public Performance
Thursday 23 May at 7:45pm

Schools Performances
Friday 24 May at 10:15am & 1pm

DMC ‘Move It’ Workshop

For active young people aged 10+, this fast-paced workshop will cover a whole range of movement skills including jumping, running, landing and flipping. A great introduction to parkour for beginners, the activities blend risk-taking, creativity, strength, flexibility and discipline.

Free with the purchase of a ticket to any performance of Jump First, Ask Later. There is a strictly limited capacity, so book early!

Parramatta Town Hall, 182 Church Street, Parramatta

While the workshop is designed for beginners, workshop participants should be active and used to physical activity. This workshop is suitable for ages 10 – 16 years.