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McFadden Music in association with Redland Events presents 'Noli Me Tangere'. 

World Premiere - Based on the Philippines’ national novel Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) by Dr Jose P Rizal

A man returns to his homeland after years away. What has become of his beloved, and why has his father died in mysterious circumstances?

Instead of taking revenge when he learns of a terrible injustice, he commits himself to changing the world through reason, not violence.

Can a dream like this come true?

Noli Me Tangere – The Musical is a universal story which is also a key part of Filipino heritage, through beautiful music and impassioned performances.

It’s a story of love – a man and woman’s love for each other, for their country, and for an idea of freedom.

Dates & Times
Friday 29 March at 7:30 pm
Saturday 30 March and 6 April at 2:00 pm
Saturday 30 March at 7:30 pm
Tuesday 2 April at 7:30 pm
Wednesday 3 April at 7:30 pm
Thursday 4 April at 7:30 pm
Friday 5 April at 7:30 pm
Saturday 6 April at 7:30 pm

Suitable for ages 10+ 

Performed in English.

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