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Corner of Market and Church Streets, Parramatta


Riverside Theatres
https://riversideparramatta.com.au/ show/quiet-faith/

Award-winning documentary theatre maker, David Williams, will present his critically-acclaimed production, Quiet Faith, at Riverside Theatres from 26th to 28th April. 

A surprising and deeply personal journey into the world of the quietly, progressively faithful, Quiet Faith invites audiences to experience the perspectives of everyday Christian Australians on religion, belonging, loyalties and community. 

Quiet Faith unpacks the complex disconnection between the intense conservatism of political and media movements that pertain to speak on behalf of Christians, and the many faith-based progressives whose faith is a motivator for social justice, activism and progressive values. Their voices are hopeful, searching, stoic, doubtful and joyful.

Williams created the 65-minute work using hours of interviews with 20 Christian Australians. The sound design incorporates popular hymns and the audience is seated amongst the performers, creating an immersive experience that feels as conversational as it does theatrical. 

Quiet Faith offers a beautiful, immersive and heartfelt portrait of the very different ways that faith can underpin civic life.