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British writer and theatre-maker, Javaad Alipoor, will present his award-winning one-man show The Believers Are But Brothers, at Riverside Theatres from 10th to 11th May. 

Sharp, compelling and interactive, The Believers Are But Brothers blends storytelling with digital technology to explore what drives men towards online and real-world extremism. Alipoor spent countless hours scouring the darkest corners of the web to find the online realm of extremists, police spies and fantasists to find out what lures young men into this world. 

Set against a political stage where the old world orders are collapsing, The Believers Are But Brothers delves into the minds of a generation of young men immersed in the online world and whose actions are no longer confined to their desktops.  

Exploring the words and imagery employed by extremists across the political spectrum, fantasy becomes reality as young men travel to join ISIS, whole digital armies target prominent feminists online (Gamergate) and the dangerous anonymity of the internet takes form on the streets.    

The Believers Are But Brothers has received critical acclaim including the 2017 Scotsman Fringe First Award and a Columbia University Digital Storytelling prize.