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Documentary films are a powerful way to make sense of the world at a time when we are being bombarded by more images and information than ever, and which are often repetitive, omit critical truths and blur fact and fiction. 

Acclaimed documentary film-maker, journalist and author John Pilger has selected 26 landmark documentary films of the past seven decades, to be screened at the MCA and Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, in November and December.

John Pilger is renowned for his independent investigative journalism that gives ‘voice to the voiceless’ and calls power to account. The documentaries he has chosen beckon us to look behind facades and not accept the conformity that can lead to war.  

Co-presented with Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the program features a rare retrospective of some of Pilger’s own ground-breaking work, including his debut film The Quiet Mutiny (1970) which exposed American troop insurrections in Vietnam, and The War You Don’t See (2011), his history of the role of the media in war. 

The festival will feature Q&As with filmmakers and John Pilger will open the festival with an address on why we need more spaces for critical debate. The Power of Documentary may change your mind.

For more information and a list of documatries screening visit the Riverside Theatres website.