Nadhamuni Gayatri Bharat, an artistically unique Vocalist with a wide repertoire and a divine voice; who performs both the Indian classical genres with ease, enthralling the audience with her brisk, sophisticated swaras and magnificent Raga elucidations, soulful renditions of popular classics to mainstream gems to niche compositions, returns to Parramasala* this year (*Top 5 in 2018) with an exceptionally unique theme that’s never been tried before in Australia…Miss it at your own risk!!

But, Gayatri will only sing to the SutradAris’s tunes…Who is this Sutradari (storyteller)? Could it be a Kathputli? is Gayatri’s life in danger; Any strings attached?!!

Come to witness the Sutradari’s conversations and Gayatri’s brilliant renditions!!

Creative Magic happens when artists with knowledge and experience from different genres and unrelated artforms collide and spark new ideas.

For the first time in Australia, Nadhamuni Gayatri Bharat will collaborate with two acclaimed Puppetry professionals from Czech Republic. Lenka Muchova & Erik Janousek have staged puppet shows for a variety of audience in many festivals (Adelaide Fringe, Sydney, World Puppetry festival, Woodford folk festival) for many years. Come and enjoy the creative collisions.