Delivering the Farmers' Markets to You

By Amelia Hanslow

While the beloved Farmers’ Markets in Parramatta have had to go on hold, these businesses from the markets are delivering now. Supporting local, artisan businesses has never been easier!

Summerland Honey

Joyce and Greg of Summerland Honey are regulars at the Parramatta Farmers’ Markets supplying a range of honeys from the local region and beyond - as the bees get moved at different times of the year. Their liquid gold includes specialist honeys such as White Stringy Bark, Mallee and Yellow Box (and they sell beeswax, too). If you think honey is just honey – now’s the time to be proven wrong… or phone 0412 569 335 

On Ya Gnocchi

If you’ve ever tried to make gnocchi at home you’ll know what skill is required! Fresh gnocchi, however, is one of life’s great joys whether it be rich with gorgonzola cream sauce or light and bright with fresh tomato and basil. Paolo Cardile, who calls himself “Nonna’s Protégé”, produces by hand some of the most pillowy gnocchi you can comfort yourself with at home. Best-sellers include the superb handmade classic potato gnocchi, but he doesn’t limit himself to this alone and the beef lasagne also flies out the door. or phone 0419 551 416

Shepherd’s Artisan Bakehouse

For over 15 years Shepherd’s has been baking in the Parramatta region. Famous for their handmade cold-fermented sourdough, as well as pastries and gluten-free options they have been a stalwart of farmers’ markets in the region. Offering home delivery or click-and-collect there’s no reason to stock up on flour and bake sub-par bread at home! or phone 9786 7697

Serena’s Finer Things

Gluten-free doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless or have a weird texture – you can find this out ordering Serena’s home-made baked goods. Pretty cupcakes, rich cheesecake, fancy biscuits, cakes - Serena also does special orders for special occasions. Watch out for special offers via her Facebook page., or phone 0432 798 419

Steph’s Gourmet Foods

Frenchman and self-confessed gourmand Stephane Pois worked in some of France’s finest Michelin starred restaurants in France and Switzerland before coming to Australia and setting up his business both producing his own gluten-free foods, as well as sourcing fine cheese, charcuterie and other delicacies. His range includes his own-made duck confit, coq au vin and products such as Barossa Halloumi and a range of foie gras. or phone 0410 565 009

Nashdale Produce Co

Cold-storage fruit and vegetables already wilting on the shelves – begone! Nashdale Produce Co will deliver seasonal, locally grown conventionally and organically grown fruit and vegetables. They’ll always have your staples (whose vegetable box ever goes without onions or potatoes?), however they also source rarer varieties and once-a-year produce (such as fresh hazelnuts!), as well as local eggs. or phone 0419 431 804