Where to find the 7 best South Indian dishes in Parramatta
By Jasmine Crittenden
Discover the best places to eat South Indian food in Parramatta. Piping hot dosas served with chutneys and lentil soups, deep-fried doughnuts infused with herbs and spices, fragrant curries made with fresh fish....
Make This Mother’s Day Sweet As
Nothing will say ‘I love you, Mum’ more than delivering her one of these sweet treats this Mother’s Day. Take inspiration from the diversity of foods in the greater Parramatta region and choose something unusually delicious – because you can’t eat a bunch of flowers or a jar of bath salts - and if you give your mum a new iron you deserve everything you get.
Chai Spy: testing the best chai tea
Hold the cappuccino or flat white! Sip on one of Parramatta’s famous and award winning chai teas or lattes instead.
Tea time! Where to find the best high tea in Parramatta
Poise those pinkies and get ready to high-tea it to one of the best high tea spots in Parramatta.
A dessert crawl of Parramatta
With sweet treats scattered throughout Parramatta, you’ll be like a kid in a candy store with these seven must-try decadent eat-in dessert options, from day to (late) night