Parramatta New Year’s Eve FAQ

Are there fireworks at midnight?

9:00pm – there are no midnight fireworks.

Where is the best viewing spot for fireworks?

Each area on the map has been chosen specifically as they are the best vantage points in the park for the fireworks. Simply grab a spot on the grass, relax and look up into the sky to enjoy the fireworks spectacular!

What time do the rides close?

Rides will be open until 10pm, with the last tickets being sold at 9pm. 

Where can you buy rides tickets?

Ticket box offices are located in the Carnival on the Green and Fairground amusement ride areas. The ticket booth closes at 9:00pm.

Where is the kid's area?

The kid's stage is located at the base of Coronation Hill, just inside the Macquarie St Gates. The Carnival on the Green and The Fairground areas will also host a range of activities for kids. 

Do you have wristbands/ID for kids?

Wristbands for children and markers for parents to record phone numbers are available at each information booth.

What do I do if I have lost my child?

If you have lost your child, please visit a member of staff or the information booth in the area where your child was last seen. Parents are encouraged to provide visible phone numbers for young children to assist in the case of being separated. 

Is free drinking water available?

Yes, free drinking water is available in all areas – please refer to the map for locations.

Where is the ATM?

There are three ATM's available in the park - opposite the information booth in the Fairground, at the top of Coronation Hill and next to the food outlets in the Carnival on the Green. See locations on map

Where are the toilets?

Please see the event map for toilet locations.  Each area has an accessible toilet.

Where is first aid?

There is a First Aid tent located next to the Crescent Stage at the base of Rose Hill, and next to the Info Booth in the Carnival on the Green. Please see the event map for locations. 

Can I bring a shade tent/dome?

No. Shade tents/domes and other similar structures are not permitted at the event.