Taste of Australia (Parramatta): Food and culture tour

Enjoy handmade chocolates & favourite dishes like sushi & laksa. Hear stories of pre-colonial & colonial settlement history. SPECIAL PRICE OF JUST $65!

  • Hear stories of Parramatta’s ancient and pre-colonial history
  • Hear stories of Parramatta's post-colonial history, and see the start of its bright new future as the capital of Western Sydney.
  • Delight in exquisite hand-made chocolates and savour some of Australia's favourite food: sushi, coffee, gelato and more.
  • Discover hidden gems! Even guests who live, work, and study in Parramatta say they never knew so many amazing places existed here!
  • Travel around the world via your tastebuds, exploring some of Australia’s favourite cuisines.
  • Indulge in terrific tastings, from Nepalese dumplings to Malaysian laksa!
  • Walk the lands of the Darug nation, sharing stories from centuries, Indigenous, colonial, and modern. 
  • Enjoy the taste of Australian modern fusion cuisines of our melting-pot migration nation.
  • COVID-19 has made us all re-think our ideas of travel. There has never been a better time to travel locally, supporting local businesses with international flavours and stories. You can still travel and taste the world and you won’t need your passport.

Fortnightly - Saturday


Starting at: 2b/103 George St, Parramatta
Starting at: 2b/103 George St, Parramatta

How much

$65 - Buy Tickets


Taste Food Tours
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