Parramatta Foundations Mini-Documentary Series

​Delve into Parramatta’s heritage, past and present.

Immerse yourself in Parramatta’s heritage with a 5 piece mini-documentary series, unearthing the City's intriguing history through themes of food, public health and pandemics, legends, foundations, and buildings.

Presented by TV producer, writer and performer, Parramatta-born Dan Ilic.




1.  Deep Foundations in Deep Time 

Discover the Cumberland Basin underneath Parramatta, from 300 million years ago to today.


2. Parramatta's Pantry

From Darug eel traps to Experiment Farm and Eat Street today.


3.  Parramatta Pandemics 

Traditional Darug medicine, 1919 influenza, and Covid-19.


4. Dead Set Legends

Discover who's buried beneath the grounds of Parramatta.


5. Female Orphan School

From orphanage to hospital and the Whitlam Institute. Produced by ABC Radio Sydney.


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