Parramatta’s Lancer Barracks Celebrates 200 Years
By Natalie Popow
Dead Set Legends
Part of the 'Parramatta Foundations' 5 piece mini-documentary series. Discover who’s buried beneath the grounds of Parramatta in Australia's oldest cemetery.
Deep Foundations in Deep Time
Part of the 'Parramatta Foundations' 5 piece mini-documentary series. Discover Parramatta's foundations, from 300 million years ago to today.
Female Orphan School
Part of the 'Parramatta Foundations' 5 piece mini-documentary series. Discover the story behind Female Orphan School, from orphanage to hospital and the Whitlam Institute. Produced by ABC Radio Sydney's Dayvis Heyne.
Parramatta's Pantry
Part of the 'Parramatta Foundations' 5 piece mini-documentary series. Discover Parramatta's pantry, from Darug eel traps to Elizabeth Farm and Eat Street today.
Parramatta Foundations
Delve into Parramatta's history and heritage, past and present with a 5 piece mini-documentary series.
Parramatta Pandemics
Part of the 'Parramatta Foundations' 5 piece mini-documentary series. Take a look at pandemics in Parramatta, from traditional Darug medicine, the 1919 Influenza Pandemic, and Covid-19 today.

Historic Buildings in Parramatta
Parramatta is home to some beautiful historical buildings and if walls could talk they would all have fascinating stories to tell. Discovr some of the historical highlights in Parramatta.
Hambledon Cottage
Once home to the Macarthur family, today you can turn back time and experience Hambledon Cottage in all its glory as the cottage remains as one of Parramatta's preserved historical buildings.
Gregory Place & Hassall Streets Parramatta 2150
(02) 9635 6924
Little Known Stories From Parramatta’s History
Learn about the people of Parramatta whose footsteps you walk in every day. Discover these fascinating little known stories of Parramatta.
Warami 2020
2020 marks the second season of WARAMI, a festival commemorating Indigenous culture in Parramatta through a series of fun, educational and interactive online activities from 26 May to 5 July.
Elizabeth Farm reopens
Elizabeth Farm has re-opened to welcome visitors four days a week from Wednesday’s to Saturday’s with new digital content available on-site to enrich the visitor’s experience with a direct relevance to the people that lived there in times gone by.
Old Government House Reopening
In time to welcome school holiday visitors, Old Government House will be reopened from Friday 3 July following the COVID-19 shutdown.
Visitor Information Centre reopening
Council is reopening the Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am–2pm. There will be a limit of 20 customers in this facility at any one time.

The Research Library will be open for pre-arranged appointments only. To arrange please phone 8839 3322 or email
Explore Parramatta’s 3D Archaeological history
This week is National Archaeology Week, a time to promote the importance of protecting Australia’s unique archaeological heritage so we thought we would share our project to preserve our Parramatta history and heritage.
Parramatta's ANZAC Heritage
Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre has collated a large resource of biographies, photos and histories of the greater region ANZAC experience.
Philip Ruddock Heritage Centre
The Philip Ruddock Heritage Centre juxtaposes the oldest and newest of Parramatta’s buildings. Visitors can look directly onto the foundations of the original settlement, gaining a glimpse into the lives of its earliest European residents.
Dairy Cottage Precinct
Experience a fascinating glimpse into the history of the Dairy Cottage Precinct in Parramatta Park.
Female Orphan School
The Female Orphan School (1813) on the Parramatta Campus of Western Sydney University is one of the most significant heritage sites in New South Wales.
corner of James Ruse Drive and Victoria Road, Rydalmere 2116
(02) 9685 9210
Parramatta Historic Churches
Parramatta’s two cathedrals, St John’s and St Patrick’s, are among the oldest and most historically significant churches on Australian soil.
Parramatta Town Hall
In the heart of the Parramatta central business district, on the edge of Centenary Square, stands an impressive salmon-coloured structure proudly bearing the words ‘Town Hall’.
Parramatta Park
This spectacular, UNESCO World Heritage-listed park provides an idyllic space for the Parramatta and wider community to come together and tells a unique story of Australia's history.
Pitt and Macquarie Streets Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9895 7500
Parramatta Heritage Trail
As the second oldest city in Australia, Parramatta’s history runs deep. Take a walk through the well-preserved historic sites and step back in time through the pre-settlement and early colonial years of the nation.
Heritage of Harris Park
Even in this thriving city of close to a quarter of a million people, Parramatta has a rather unique ability to take you back into its history.
Parramatta’s Rich Aboriginal History
More than 60,000 years of Indigenous history make up present day Parramatta’s city and surrounds.
Old Government House
Discover UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Government House, the oldest surviving public building in Australia right here in Parramatta.
Pitt and Macquarie Streets Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9895 7500
Six Indigenous Experiences in Parramatta
Learn about Burramatta culture – from Arrunga Bardo garden, where a wealth of bush food grows, to Third Settlement Reserve, where legendary warrior Pemulwuy battled against colonisation.
Parramatta Female Factory
We take a look at the rich and significant history of the Parramatta Female Factory.
5 Fleet Street North Parramatta NSW 2150
5 Fleet Street North Parramatta 2150
11 Parramatta historical experiences
Discover some of the significant pieces of Australian history housed in Parramatta.
Experiment Farm Cottage
Discover the story of James Ruse’s transformation from convict to pioneering man of the land, the stuff of Australian legend.
9 Ruse Street Harris Park 2150
(02) 9635 5655
Parramatta River
Discover the history and how you can spend time in, on, above or beside the centrepiece of Parramatta.
Elizabeth Farm
A remarkable piece of Australia’s early European history sits modestly among the houses and flats of suburban Parramatta. Elizabeth Farm was the residence of wool pioneer John Macarthur and his family from 1793.
70 Alice Street Rosehill 2142
02 9635 9488
Convict Parramatta: self-guided tour
Guiding you from the grisly ‘Hanging Green’ to ‘God’s Acre,’ this tour traces the lives of convicts – where they lived, worked, rioted and were punished.
Research & Collection Services
City of Parramatta offers a Research & Collection Service which manages, preserves and documents the history of our local government area and the people, places, art, events, and natural and built environments which have contributed to the rich history of Parramatta’s communities.