Parramatta Pandemics - Mini Documentary

Parramatta Foundations - Parramatta Pandemics Mini-Documentary

Traditional Darug medicine, 1919 Influenza Pandemic, Covid-19

Dan Ilic delves into the past with a look at traditional plant medicines used by Darug people, explores archives of the 1919 influenza pandemic in Parramatta, and speaks to an expert from the Westmead Institute about Covid-19.

Featuring: Presenter Dan Ilic, Darug man Uncle Chris Tobin, Archivist Michelle Goodman and Professor Tania Sorrell.

Special thanks to Brislington House Nursing Museum, City of Parramatta Research & Collection Services and Westmead Institute for Medical Research
Produced by Chloe Angelo
© 2020 City of Parramatta

Photo source: NSW State Archives and Records, NRS4481_ST6679