Parramatta's Pantry - Mini-Documentary

Parramatta Foundations - Parramatta's Pantry Mini-Documentary

From Darug eel traps to Elizabeth Farm and Eat Street today. 

Get a taste of Parramatta’s pantry through the ages with Dan Ilic and Uncle Chris Tobin. From catching eels in the Parramatta River with a side of bush tucker, to the first crops planted by colonists at Experiment Farm and Old Government House, it’s Parramatta’s pantry like you’ve never seen it before. Plus take a walk through the streets of Parramatta today where delicious multicultural dishes can be found at every corner.   

Featuring presenter Dan Ilic, Darug man Uncle Chris Tobin and Rosalind Mearns from National Trust (NSW).

Thank you to Parramatta Park Trust, National Trust (NSW),  Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales and Kanzo Fresh Sushi
Produced by Chloe Angelo
© 2020 City of Parramatta