NAIDOC celebrations are held across Australia each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This year we bring our local Burramatta NAIDOC celebrations to you with a rich online program of arts, culture, music, stories and dance, acknowledging that Parramatta always was and always will be an important gathering place. 

The NAIDOC 2020 theme - Always Was, Always Will Be. - recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years.


Education & Culture 

Music & Dance



Education & Culture

  • Warami Mittigar’ Aboriginal Cultural Walk

In this adventurous short video showcasing an Aboriginal cultural walk in Parramatta Park, learn about significant places and processes in Indigenous culture with Uncle Chris Tobin and Aunty Leanne King. This easy walk along the Parramatta River is a wonderful opportunity to spend time on country with a traditional Aboriginal custodian, learning about connections to land, plant uses, tools, hunting and other aspects of local culture.

Learn more about the ancient Aboriginal heritage of Parramatta Park. 

Want to take the walk in person? Book your spot now for the next Warami Mittigar - Aboriginal Cultural Walk tour.

Music & Dance

  • WARAMI Live – NAIDOC Live Music Sessions

Hosted by comedian Sean Choolburra, see the best Indigenous artists perform in this online music concert featuring Burramatta NAIDOC music and dance. 


  • Torres Strait Islander Culture Sessions 

1st Session – Torres Strait Islander Culture (Welcome Dance) - Beatty Clan Crew

2nd Session – Happy Mabo Day! Torres Strait Islander Culture (Song and Dance) - Beatty Clan Crew  


  • Learn Darug Words at Home (eSheet)

Learn Darug words at home, with this quick and easy reference guide that will teach you the pronunciation of greetings and items in the ancient Darug language. Download eSheet here

  • Darug ‘Nangami (Dreaming)’ Colouring eBook 

Learn and celebrate Aboriginal art and culture through Nangami (dreaming). Download a copy of your very own Darug Dreaming colouring book. These illustrations come with stories from different locations around NSW (including the lands of the Darug, Gadigal, Wiradjuri and Gamilaraay peoples), telling tales from our local artists, including

  • Mikaela Cameron, Darug visual artist 
  • Leeanne Hunter, Wiradjuri visual artist
  • Dennis Golding,  Gamilaraay visual artist 

If you'd like a printed copy of the colouring book for your school or educational facility, please contact civicevents@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

  • Wiradjuri Wave Kids Art Session 

Enjoy a kids weaving and art session, presented by Peta Joy Williams. 

Instructions for fun weaving: 

1. Make a hoop with your raffia by looping it around your hand and pull tightly after each loop.
2. With your string or another piece of raffia, tie it around your hoop and fasten it together.
3. With the long end of the raffia, make a loop up top, and pull the end through that loop, wrapping it around the hoop. (see video)
4. Continue to make these loops around the base or hoop until completely covered.

You can use numerous materials for this activity such as string, solid already made bangles, raffia or wire. Whatever you can think of.

Peta Joy would love to see what you create. Message a photo of your creation to her Facebook page "The Wiradjuri Wave".


  • NAIDOC Week Stories from 'History and Heritage' 

Read a series of stories and research articles from City of Parramatta's Research and Collection Services team, from stories about Aboriginal Resistance Leader Pemulway, to significant Aboriginal women and the men of Parramatta, including  Darug man Baludarri