Discover Harris Park

By Carla Grossetti

Home to Australia's first private farm, and named after surgeon Dr John Harris, the suburb of Harris Park is now a thriving, dynamic,multicultural hub. Here are a few reasons to head to Harris Park.

Explore Sydney's Little India

Savour the flavours of the Subcontinent with a stroll along Wigram Road, home to more than 20 eateries that line the road dubbed Sydney's Little India. Fill up on vegetarian delights such as the South Indian thali served in traditional tin trays from Billu's Indian Eatery which blasts out Bollywood music while you eat. Spice of Life is another sprawling eatery nearby that is like a temple for Pakistani-Australians drawn to dishes from their homeland. The Dosa Hut in Harris Park also offers flavours of South India in the form of a Masala dosa, a crisp rice flour pancake filled with spicy potatoes, onion and green chilli. Chatkazz Sweets & Namkeen should also be on your radar for street food staples such as samosa, pani puri and khandvi.

Dosa Hut Harris Park

Dosa Hut Harris Park. Image: Carla Dibbs

An Indian feast

An Indian feast

A Colourful Shopping Precinct

As you walk along Wigram Road, the rhythmic Indian music, shops selling colourful saris and glittering arm bangles and Indian spices will transport you straight to Mumbai. The area is home to an array of subcontinental specialty stores. Stock up on Lebanese sweets at Sweetland Patisserie, or treats such as gulab jamun from Taj Indian Sweets. The town centre of Harris Park has recently been upgraded to include stunning public art and additional greenery. The area is home to a diverse community of locals which adds to the beautiful blend of Indian and Arabic cultures.

Colourful clothes in Harris Park

Colourful clothes in Harris Park. Image: Carla Dibbs

Backgammon in Harris Park

Backgammon in Harris Park. Image: Carla Dibbs

Cool Off With The Kids    

Head to the James Ruse Reserve Water Playground on the border of Parramatta and Harris Park for a great day out with the kids. The playground is extremely popular during the hot summer months. Kids can scale a huge spider web, climb grassy knolls, enjoy the swing sets and skate at either of the two amazing skate parks. To make the most of the warmer months you can't miss the option of cooling down in the fun water park. The land has a rich history and is home to heritage-listed buildings so be sure to check them out when you visit. 

James Ruse Water Park. Image: Carla Dibbs

James Ruse Water Park. Image: Carla Dibbs

James Ruse Skate Bowl skating

James Ruse Skate Bowl skating. Image: Carla Dibbs

Visit Experiment Farm Cottage 

Experiment Farm Cottage stands as an emblem for self-sufficiency where the story of James Ruse’s transformation from convict to pioneering man of the land, is the stuff of Australian legend. The historic homestead was built by surgeon Dr John Harris, who purchased the land from Ruse in 1793. It's one of Australia's oldest standing properties and is really worth a look as it stands like a time capsule to early colonial life in Australia. Experiment Farm Cottage is part of a historic precinct that includes Hambledon Cottage (1824), Elizabeth Farm (1793) and the Queen's Wharf, which are all within walking distance of each other.

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Experiment Farm

Experiment Farm. Image: Mark Bowyer

Backgammon in Harris Park

Backgammon in Harris Park. Image: Carla Dibbs

Harris Park

Harris Park. Image: Carla Dibbs