5 Fun Family Things To Do In Parramatta

By Ashleigh Synnott

There’s no shortage of things to do around Parramatta to keep the young and the young-at-heart happy. Here are 5 excellent ways to spend family time close to home.

1) Newington Armory

For a full day of family fun, you just can’t go past Newington Armory. From its military beginnings it’s now become one of the most iconic spaces in Sydney – boasting a theatre, studios and the biggest gallery wall in Australia. Take the train around the artillery grounds for an informative insight into the old Naval Newington dump.

There’s a great café by the river, and a huge recreational area where you can relax and watch the world roll by. This place is also the idea cycle spot, and there are archery classes and Segway tours to boot. Don’t miss the double flying fox, tunnel slides and water feature in Blaxland Riverside Park. Pack a picnic and make a day of it! 

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2) Code Red Laser

The perfect place to take the family on a rainy day, Code Red Laser in Rosehill promises the ultimate indoor laser skirmish experience. This place is well-known for its epic 3 level arena with smoke machines and over 50 robotic doors that open and close to create an ever-elusive and exhilarating maze experience. The vampire games at Code Red are particularly cool, and the staff here are great. Laser tag really is the ideal all-ages, hi-tech blast that gets the blood pumping and the mind ticking in a team environment. 


3) Let’s Go Birding

What does the Black Swan, the Hardhead duck and the Great Egret have in common? They’re western Sydney birds of course! Learn about the unique bird species at Sydney Olympic Park and how and when to spot them. These free tours kick off from four different locations – Bird Hide at Badu Mangroves, Eastern Water Quality Control Pond at Wentworth Common, Northern Water Feature at Town Centre and The Riverwalk at Newington Armory. If you want to know more about our feathered friends consider going bird watching with experienced rangers for a beautiful and educational encounter with the parklands.

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4) Kids Sports 

For kids with energy to burn, why not sign them up for a spot of B-ball or archery at Sydney Olympic Park? MyHoops will give the kids a good run around the basketball court and the experienced staff will also help them improve their skills, while classes in the professional Gymnastics Centre will teach your little ones how to balance, roll, tumble, jump, and bounce! The Diving Clinic safely teaches kids diving techniques using the springboard (not for the faint-hearted!) and the Young Archers program covers archery basics complete with safety equipment supervised by skilled instructors.  

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5) Philip Ruddock Waterpark

Located in Yates Avenue, Dundas Valley, this park has absolutely everything you need for a fun, active family outing. Even on a very sunny day, the shade sails over the water area and playground make it a safe spot to spend hours climbing and splashing about. The park also features a play gym with a slide, loads of great rock formations, mushroom stepping stones, and a huge path that loops around the wider park which is perfect for bikes and scooters. The area is beautifully landscaped with sandstone and new plants and trees, making it the ideal place to kick back and enjoy a lazy BBQ while the littlies roam free. 

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