Instagrammable Parramatta

By Ashleigh Synnott

There is no shortage of epic locations in and around Parramatta that are perfect for a smartphone shoot. Here are four fab local spots to capture and share. 

Elizabeth Farm

Elizabeth Farm is a “hands-on”, “all-access” museum which recreates the Macarthur homestead of the 1820s, and includes gardens featuring 19th century plants and designs which help give a real sense of what colonial life was like. As Australia’s oldest surviving European dwelling, this place has a tumultuous past which makes it tops for capturing mood and feeling through fine details. There are no barriers, locked doors, delicate furnishings or untouchable ornaments, which means you can make the most of the opportunity to engage with the old world. There are some incredible opportunities in the nooks and crannies of the property which, when translated through the lens, are totally timeless. The texture of the stone, the plants, and the dirt road also provide opportunities for contrast and shade, and the furnishings inside the cottage take on a new level of glamour when juxtaposed with contemporary fashion and characters. 

Elizabeth Farm. Image: Supplied.

Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park is the People’s Park, and a popular location for a creative shoot. There’s lots of life business to see and capture – with more than two million people visiting each year it’s a stellar people-watching place where you can enjoy all that is weird and wonderful about us all. At 160 years old, Parramatta Park is a smooth blend of history and nature and has a massive range of bright and bold locations to choose from for your next Insta binge. The beautiful gardens are not to be missed – particularly the Rumsey Rose Garden located near the Macquarie Street Gatehouse Tearooms, which boast one of the largest collections of heritage roses in Australia in October-November and May each year. 

Hambledon Cottage 

Built by John Macarthur in 1824 on the grounds of his Elizabeth Farm Estate, Hambledon Cottage is listed on the NSW State Heritage Register and has been lovingly restored to this period. This is a great place for experimenting with structure and light, where you can attain a truly 19th Century feel to any photo shoot. Many of the trees are nearly 200 years old, and are a solid feature either on their own, or when snapping pics of kids, couples, and pets. The truly beautiful Hambledon Cottage is built of sandstock brick in the Colonial Georgian style and boasts a veranda enclosed by French doors and a beautiful, vaulted ceiling. When the Jacaranda tree is in full bloom out the front the contrast with the sandstone is spectacular, but there are also some exquisite opportunities indoor, where relics of domestic 19th century life are lovingly presented. 

Hambledon Cottage. Image: Carla Dibbs

Lake Parramatta

The Insta opportunities are endless at Lake Parramatta – with more than 70 hectares of bushland to explore you’ll have no trouble getting those creative juices flowing. The overhanging trees and swampy colours on the lake make for really emotive imagery, particularly closer to sundown when you can capture the moodiness of lake life. The colours of the lilypads and long grasses that grow along the shore contrast beautifully with the blackness of the lake on more overcast days, whereas the mossy greens deep in the bush appear truly sublime in any weather. There is also a wonderful array of flora, and sometimes where you least expect it. Being a pet-friendly place, it’s also the pawfect setting for an Insta shoot with your favourite furry pal.