World Dance Congress

14 March | Various times 
15 March | 11am – 1pm 

Traditional meets contemporary in this dazzling display of dance from around the globe.

Introducing audiences to the world’s wonderfully diverse range of dance styles, the Congress is a lively invitation to share cultures through costume, colour and movement – from the unmistakable rhythms of Indian Bharatanatyam to African street dance, to Middle Eastern belly dancing and traditional Indigenous dance.

The World Dance Congress will delight audiences throughout the festival’s four days interlaced with the main stage programming, culminating in a breath-taking performance at sunset on Saturday 14 March as well as the Long Table Brunch on Sunday 15 March.

Masala Nights

14 March | 8:15pm

As the sun begins to set, the festival comes alight.

Get swept away in a heady cocktail of rhythm and colour, as dance cultures from the Pacific, Asia, and the Middle East come together for a dazzling demonstration of cross-cultural unity. A show-stopping finale to the World Dance Congress performance on Saturday 14 March, Masala Nights will fill the twilight sky with the kaleidoscopic colours of Sydney’s many cultures.